Kidz Rocks, Inc.
Inspire a Love of Learning

Kidz Rocks was founded in 2009 by Alan who is passionate about educating children. Alan has been an amateur geologist since 1980 and through Kidz Rocks he is now able to share with others the fascinating world of rocks and minerals he has enjoyed for so many years.

Children LOVE pretty rocks and nothing inspires their curiosity to learn about the world around them than the fascinating world of rocks and minerals. Rock collecting also fosters an interest in children to be outdoors and go rock hunting, a healthy hobby and balancing their lives with non-computer activities.

Kidz Rocks is not just for children but for serious adult collectors as well. At Kidz Rocks you will find high quality rocks and minerals available at prices well below all other online retailers. We source minerals either directly from the mines or from those that directly deal with the mines. As a result, significant savings are passed on to you instead of numerous "middle men". Some of the minerals on our site are also mined by Alan and his 11 year old grandson who holds the honorary title of Vice President of Kidz Rocks!.

While there are some smaller sized minerals for sale on Kidz Rocks the vast majority of the minerals available are all larger than 2 inches. Many of the rock and mineral stores sell 1/2 inch to 1 inch minerals that, while they may look like large specimens on the web site, when you receive them they are very small and not very interesting. What's worse is that you paid a lot of money for such small sized specimens. With mineral specimens, there is a huge difference between a 1 inch and a 3 inch specimen when you are holding it in your hand and displaying it in your collection.

As collectors of Mother Nature's fine art, our large specimen size and low price commitment will be a fine addition to your collection!

Thank You,