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EXCLUSIVE SPECIMENS Mined by Kidz Rocks from the Greenhorn Mountains, CA

Epidote is one of the most outstanding display minerals. The finest and most desirable form of this mineral is in delicate elongated crystals that are extremely lustrous and often interconnected. This form is highly treasured by collectors and creates one of the finest mineral showpieces. The color of Epidote is almost invariably green, in all different shades and tones, with a pistachio color habit being very typical.

Epidote is also almost identical in composition to Clinozoisite but lacks significant iron in its structure. It forms a series with Clinozoisite, and in many cases the actual distinction between these two minerals cannot be made.

Epidote acts as an attraction stone meaning it will bring you more of whatever you emanate. It follows then, that if you are generous, it will bring you bounty; loving and kind, it will bring you love, etc.