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Additional Support
How do I contact you?
Please contact Kidz Rocks by email at Our email address is staffed 7 days a week.

Call or text message us 7 days a week at 1-818-518-6278 9 AM - 10 PM Pacific Standard Time

No Questions Asked!
All Purchases come with a 30-day no questions asked refund policy. Simply return mail the same rocks you received for a full refund!

• If you received a broken specimen, email me a photo of the specimen and I will mail you a replacement free of charge.

• If you purchased a high cost specimen on my site and believe the quality was not as high as you expected but you would still like to keep the specimen, send me a photo of the specimen, why you feel the price was too high, a link to a similar higher quality specimen for the same or lower price and how much you would like to be refunded to be fair. If your being reasonable I will be reasonable too.

CLICK HERE to create an account in our system. Then send me an email to to introduce yourself, inform me you created an acocunt and to ask for the percentage discounting you would like to receive. I will set your account so that when you login and view products on the site you will see and receive the wholesale discounted prices and without tax being charged.