Shipping and More Information

Shipping Outside The USA
If you live outside the USA please shop on our Ebay store which does offer international shipping. CLICK HERE to go to our Ebay store.

Contact Information
Please feel free to call us at 1-818-518-6278 day or evening for wholesale volume discounts, special needs orders or for other requests you may have. We love talking to our customers!

Our store never charges more than $7.00 shipping no matter how many rocks are on your order! We ship USPS First Class or USPS Priority Flat Rate depending on the size of your order. We ship all orders the same day you placed your order. We wrap every rock in high quality white foam to protect the rocks in shipment.

Return Policy
If you are not thrilled by your purchase simply call or email us for a full refund and your keep the rocks! If it was an expensive specimen we may send you a pre-paid return shipping label to send it back to us.

Our Listing Photographs
What you see IS what you get at Kidz Rocks! Besides using high quality Nikon lenses, we use 4500 color temperature 100 CRI lighting. 4500 temperature being the closest to natural light and CRI being Color Rendering Index or a light sources ability to faithfully render the colors. Solux is the only company that makes a full 100 CRI bulb. The adult hand in the photos is my hand and I have a very large hand measuring 8 inches from wrist to finger tip.

While many stores do not disclose treatments done to certain types of minerals after they are mined, we disclose all treatments in our listing descriptions. If the product listing does not say it was treated then it is a 100% natural rock just as it came out of the ground. Treatments are not always something to shy away from as some do. Many treatments simply reproduce the exact same process that mother nature uses and/or cleans the specimen so it may be enjoyed.

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