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Epidote Clusters 1 1/2 Inch
Epidote Clusters 1 1/2 Inch

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healing crystals

Epidote Crystal conglomerate cluster mixed with grossular garnet. Interesting specimens mined by Kidz Rocks from the scheelite district of the southern Sierra Nevada mountains.

You will receive one specimen that is 1 1/2 inch to 2 inch in size.

Bulk Purchase Specimen
You are buying one rock. You will receive one rock like the lot shown in the listing photographs, not the exact rock. Photographing and listing every rock separately adds a lot in labor costs. We pass that savings on to you with lower prices and higher quality than the competition.

Epidote is one of the most outstanding display minerals. The finest and most desirable form of this mineral is in delicate elongated crystals that are extremely lustrous and often interconnected. This form is highly treasured by collectors and creates one of the finest mineral showpieces. The color of Epidote is almost invariably green, in all different shades and tones, with a pistachio color habit being very typical. The most famous and productive Epidote locality in the U.S. is Green Monster Mountain, on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, where dark lustrous Epidote crystals have been found in very large crystals. Large dark green to nearly black crystals come from Garnet Hill, Calaveras Co., California; and good crystals from several deposits in Death Valley, Inyo California.


Epidote has the ability to clear clutter and confusion from your Heart Energy Center. It acts as a ?virtual vacuum cleaner,? reaching into the hidden corners and crevasses of your emotional body to clean out the cobwebs and dust left behind from memories or experiences where you felt unloved, invisible or abused.

Epidote is an ideal crystal to work with when the majority of healing or releasing has already taken place and you are finally ready to be done with the emotional impact of an experience. Epidote offers the finishing touches or final release. As a result, there are ceremonial energies associated with Epidote. The ceremonies or rituals that we create to symbolize events of demarcation are sometimes the most important touchstone we have for those events. The creation and participation in these ceremonies are the anchors of your intentions and the basis of how you will reflect on them in the future.

Graduations, marriage, funerals, showers, burning bowls, medicine wheels, et cetera. , helping you let go of an old story, offering the final healing of an old wound and forgiveness for the human experience.

Epidote can help you to tap into the energies of the support structures that are already around you. If you tend to isolate yourself from receiving help and live independently, Epidote can be a powerful ally to help you notice the people, organizations and services that are available to assist you. When you recognize resources for the support that they offer and your role in allowing them into your life, you will realize that leaning on others during times of need doesn?t mean that you give your power away ? it means that you claim your power. Epidote is a good tool for identifying and releasing martyr energies.


Color: "pistachio" green to yellowish or brownish green, also brown to black.

Luster: Vitreous.

Transparency: Crystals are transparent to translucent.

Crystal System: Monoclinic; 2/m

Crystal Habits: Long, somewhat prismatic or tabular crystals with a typically dominant pinacoid that the crystal is often flattened against. The terminations are wedge shaped or tapered pyramids. Many clusters show grooved slender crystals or acicular sprays. Also massive, fiberous or granular.

Cleavage: Good in one direction lengthwise.

Fracture: Uneven to conchoidal.

Hardness: 6 - 7

Specific Gravity: 3.3-3.5

Streak: White to gray

Associated Minerals: Calcite, biotite, hornblende, actinolite, andradite garnet and other metamorphic minerals.

Other Characteristics: Striated to the depth of grooves in some crystals.

Best Field Indicators: Only one direction of cleavage, crystal habit, color and hardness.

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