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Biotite Mica & Quartz Specimen 7

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Mineral Description
healing crystals

You are buying the exact specimen shown in the photograph. These ARE UNIQUE healing crystals. They are biotite mica wrapped around a core of white granulated crystal quartz! These were mined from a Southern California pegmatite that was mined during WWII for very high silica content quartz crystals for sonar devices.

Biotite is a common rock forming mineral, being present in at least some percentage in most igneous and both regional and contact metamorphic rocks. Biotite mica is sometimes called iron mica because it is iron-rich. It is also sometimes called black mica as opposed to white mica (muscovite) both form in some rocks, in some instances side-by-side.

Sheets of biotite are flexible they can be bent and they go back to their original shape. Mica possesses great resistance to the passage of electricity and heat and is therefore used as an electronic insulator.

Biotite is also useful in assessing temperature histories of metamorphic rocks, because the partitioning of iron and magnesium between biotite and garnet is sensitive to temperature.


Mica is widely distributed and occurs in igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary regimes. Large crystals of mica used for various applications are typically mined from granitic pegmatites. Mica grows by building up see-through paper-thin layers upon layers, which appear opaque but are in fact transparent. Mica is very metallic (containing very reactive element metals such as Potassium and Lithium, as well as Aluminium and Silica) and can be cold to touch. Mica occurs semi-translucent crystals, either flat angular blades, or rosettes or even hexagonal thin columns. The soft, shiny and reflective layers that make up Mica reflect the many layers of consciousness present within life. These layers are voluminous and ever-changing such as: victim consciousness, blame, inhumanity, ego, forgiveness, growth, joy, nature, fashions, desire, creation and love which all co-exist.

Mica provides us with reflective qualities so that we can recognise the flaws of our humanity while staying heart centred so that we can love what we see here. It helps us to see situations in complete detail, highlighting areas of the greatest importance.

Mica is a wonderful energy to use when looking at yourself as it allows us to see that what you see in others and label, is what you choose to see, this allows us to see ourselves in others and eliminate patterns we do not like and embrace the ones we do. The clearer our vision becomes the more unified we are as the veil of separation disintegrates.

Mica enhances flexibility in all situations, helping us eliminate anger, tantrums and nervous energy. It helps release energy blocks within the body and align the chakras. Mica can be used for clarity in visions.

The stones in the Mica family have the same healing abilities as mica but also have healing properties of their own.


Color: Black to brown and yellow with weathering.

Luster: Vitreous to pearly.

Transparency: Crystals are transparent to translucent.

Crystal System: Monoclinic; 2/m

Crystal Habits: Tabular to prismatic crystals with a prominent pinacoid termination. Biotite's four prism faces and two pinacoid faces form pseudo-hexagonal crystal "books". The sides of the crystal often tend to tapper and can have a "hard candy that has been sucked on, look". Also as lamellar or granular rock forming masses providing the luster for most schists and gneiss.

Cleavage: Perfect in one direction producing thin sheets or flakes.

Fracture: Not readily observed due to cleavage but is uneven.

Hardness: 2.5

Specific Gravity: Approximately 2.9 - 3.4+ (slightly above average)

Streak: White

Associated Minerals: Quartz, feldspars, apatite, calcite, hornblende, garnets and Schorl.

Other Characteristics: Cleavage sheets are flexible and elastic, meaning they can be bent and will flex back to original shape.

Best Field Indicators: Crystal habit, color, cleavage, elastic sheets and associations.

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