How To Shop Our Website Store

How To Shop Our Website Store
Please read this article to learn about the unique methods we use to sell our products as well as the different types of listings you will find on our store.

First, we always show the specimen in a hand which is the best visual reference to determine how large the rock will be in real life. Our bulk purchase listings always show the rock in both an adult and a child's hand and we also show the rock or a group of the rocks with a ruler in the image as well.

The adult hand in our listing photos is an extra large adult hand, measuring 8 inches from the wrist to finger tips and XXL glove size. So if the rock looks large in our listing it will be even bigger in your hand when you receive it unless, of course, you also have an extra large hand.



Bulk purchase listings are used for types of minerals where every specimen is very close to the same quality, size and shape as every other specimen for that one type of product.

Bulk purchase listings save us labor time by not having to photograph and list every single specimen and saves you money on your purchases because we pass that savings on to you in lower prices.

All of our bulk purchase listings will have the following paragraph in the listing description:

"You are buying one rock. You will receive a rock the same size or larger and the same high quality as the ones in the photographs. Photographing and listing every rock separately adds a lot in labor costs. We pass that savings on to you with lower prices and higher quality than the competition."

When reviewing a bulk purchase listing please always look closely at the listing photo that shows a group of the rocks together. This gives you a good idea of how much the specimens vary from one to another. Some types of minerals are hard to tell one specimen from another while other types of minerals vary quite a bit in either shape or color from one piece to the next.


 You are buying the exact rock shown in the listing photographs. Our exact purchase listings will not have the "Bulk Purchase" paragraph but will say "You are buying the exact rock shown".

Exact Purchase listings always include the length and width and the exact weight of the specimen.

Sometimes we also include the depth as well. For most of these listings we show a second photograph with the rock and a ruler. The main photo in the hand will be one side of the specimen and the photo with the ruler will be the other side of it.

Quickly Identify Bulk from Exact Purchase
You can quickly identify our bulk purchase from exact purchase listings by simply looking at the main listing photograph. Our bulk purchase listings the hands are facing left and exact purchase listings the hand is facing right.


Our store charges $3.18 for the first rock which is what USPS charges us for a package up to 8 ounces. It then charges for each additional rock you add to your order. Our store never charges more than $7.00 for shipping no matter how many rock are on your order. If your order requires a larger more expensive shipping box we pay the extra fee as a courtesy to our customers.


We love to share crystals and minerals with others so we include a nice free surprise specimen in every order! Also, you get 10% off when you buy 5 or more of our products! We do not mark our products up by 10%, we just make less on each rock but make it up by selling larger numbers of rocks. We do everything we can to help you build your collection without breaking your pocket book.


So how do we sell such large sized high quality specimens for so much lower prices than you see on other stores? Well, first, we are just not greedy. We simply enjoy sharing rocks and minerals with others and make an honest living. We are growing a trusted and valued brand of loyal customers that in the years to come will become a business that actually makes pretty good money.

But there is of course more to it than just not marking up our products a lot. We have spent years researching and tracking down the miners who are mining the rocks or the suppliers that buying directly from the miners. Cutting out countless middlemen dramatically lowers what we have to pay to bring the products to you. We have a global supply chain and can get almost any type of mineral and at much better prices than most rock shops.

Additionally, we mine some of the rocks ourselves and our Bulk Purchase listings allow us to sell more rocks at lower costs saving countless hours not having to photograph and list every single rock we sell.


When you buy from Kidz Rocks, what you see IS what you get!

Photographing mineral specimens properly is quite complicated and a lot of sellers online do not know how to do it correctly. Using the right camera and using proper lighting for the specimen isn't something, it’s everything. We feel that few, if any other, sellers do it right - the way we do.

Not to get too technical, but we not only use 4500 degree color temperature bulbs with the camera color temperature set to match the bulbs, we also use the only bulbs available on the market rated 100 CRI, made by Solux. CRI - Color Rendering Index - is a measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully, when compared with a natural light source. This method of photographing specimens does not change the colors of the specimens when seen onscreen, so color correction, or any other editing to the image, is unnecessary.


Online Library of Information About Rocks and Minerals
We have created a comprehensive library of information on our company website. about the rocks we sell. For each rock it includes a general description, how it got its name, interesting facts, where it is found, what we do with it, the healing properties, the physical and chemical properties and for many we include YouTube videos relevant to the type of rock or mineral. CLICK HERE to view our learning library.

Our Mining Adventure Videos
We are not just a rock shop but active miners. Over the years we have located several dozen locations in Southern California we we mine very nice mineral specimens. We post videos of our mining adventures on our YouTube Channel. CLICK HERE to view and subscribe to our YouTube Channel

Our Instagram
We publish a video series show titled "A Day In The Life of a Rock Shop" on our Instagram page. They are interesting 1 minute videos of the day to day activities around a rock shop. From unboxings to how we process rocks from the mines, fill orders and "Kids Day" is always fun. Many more episodes to come! Our Instagram ID is @kidzrocks  CLICK HERE to visit our Instagram profile.

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