About Kidz Rocks

Kidz Rocks is not just another reseller. Alan and his grandson Jaidon are amateur geologists, active miners and avid collectors who know rocks and if it is not a specimen we would put in our own collection, we don't ship it to you!

Since 2009, our promise is to redefine what it means to shop for rocks and minerals online. NO insane high prices, NO great piece one time and then a disappointing piece next time, NO rocks that look big online and then a tiny piece shows up, NO waiting a long time for shipping.

A partnership you can trust with each and every order that you will be pleased if not amazed when you open your package! Always high quality, Always larger sizes at lower prices, Always exactly what it says it is, Always a positive and fun experience. Those of you that shop with us again and again know we are serious about our commitment to you.

We have built a global supply chain where we either buy directly from the miners themselves or from someone who is buying from the miners. Cutting out countless middle-men is how we are able to sell such large size high quality minerals and healing crystals at prices unbelievably lower than most of the competition.

We love talking to our customers so always feel free to call us at 1-818-518-6278 9 AM - 10 PM East Coast Time. If you are a business and want to make volume wholesale purchases I will be able to provide better pricing and higher quality that your other suppliers. If you have a special need for a craft project and do not see exactly what you need, call me and if I do not have it around the warehouse, I can get it for you. I am amazed by the things people create with the rocks they buy from us and it is always fun to help out when I can.

Rock collecting is good fun so we do everything we can to make it even more fun! First, we always send out nice quality products and always as described in the listing. There is nothing fun about paying money for an ugly rock! We add a free surprise specimen into every order to share new rocks with you and to help build your collection for free. You will find an extensive database of educational materials on our Learn About Your Rocks page. 

We are here to enjoy making a difference and if possible, earn a living doing it.

Alan & Jaidon

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