Satisfaction Guarantee

Kidz Rocks Guarantee

Kidz Rocks

"The Best Value On The Internet"

Our promise is to redefine what it means to shop for rocks and minerals online. NO insane high prices, NO great piece one time and then a disappointing piece next time, NO rocks that look big online and then a tiny piece shows up, NO waiting a long time for shipping.

A partnership you can trust with each and every order that you will be pleased if not amazed when you open your package! Always high quality, Always larger sizes at lower prices, Always exactly what it says it is, Always a positive and fun experience. Those of you that shop with us again and again know we are serious about our commitment to you.

We have 3 objectives when we source a new product to sell. Larger size, higher quality and lower price. All of our products meet 2 of those objectives and most of them meet all 3. If it is not a specimen we would add to our own prized collection, we don't ship it out to you!

When you buy from Kidz Rocks you will be thrilled with each and every purchase or your money back and you keep the rock!

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